Yesterday Once More

Well, I've just finished re-assembling and posting the last of my vanished entries — or at least all of those that I plan to put back up for the foreseeable future. If you've been reading the blog for a while, or visiting and exploring older posts (I'm flattered), you know that everything vanished in mid-April and that I've had similar but different problems since then. I still haven't given up on an alternate platform, but there are only so many hours in the day and, sad to say, most of mine aren't that productive.

To celebrate my semi-anniversary here, I thought I'd offer the ten posts to date I consider most worthwhile — especially since some of them were AWOL for months — with a pair of labels thrown in to bring the self-serving recommendations to an even dozen.

"A Curious Case of Bedrooms and Buttons", my Coraline review, was the third post on the blog. I look forward to revisiting the film on DVD, particularly for the commentary from director Henry Selick and composer Bruno Coulais.

I hope to write more posts like "Bing!".

"Rhymes with Childhood" was the first post in my now-too-infrequent Empaneled series, one of the reasons this blog was created. It got a nice compliment from my dad.

Losing the March of Comics 2009 posts, a few of them twice, was a real blow. Some of them were only just republished in the last week, and I mention the label here for that reason. [Update: I got rid of that label, but you can find the pieces within the general Comics or jump to the archive of March 2009 posts.]

"The Dr. Manhattan Transfer" brought some very positive E-mail. It's still an almost surreal feeling to have an actual Watchmen movie out there, my feelings about its success aside.

I finally reposted "Foyer, Guns, and Honeys", my review of Dark Horse's replica edition of the early graphic novel It Rhymes with Lust, the other day. Not all of my post titles are specific puns, but of those I am perhaps proudest of this one.

Harry Kalas was inducted into the Wall of Fame at Citizens Bank Park, home of my Philadelphia Phillies, a couple of days ago. "The Voice" was my mash note to him, and baseball, on the occasion of his passing.

The double-post of "The Lore of Association" and "Norse Code" may be the strangest, most time-consuming, and most enjoyable thing here — from my perspective, I hasten to add. I hope you'll check out the latter part even if you don't watch Lost.

I followed up my brief review of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek film with "Star Trek Too: What's Future Is Prologue", a think piece that's probably for fans only.

"Bedtimes and Broomsticks" is mentioned largely because I really like plugging Magic Trixie.

And similarly, for the linked content and not my own commentary on it, I recommend "What About Naomi?", bizarre stuff from the old Electric Company.

Except for that last one, most of the entries cited are on the long side, so to balance things out I point you to posts now labled Funny Stuff. The label is only given to outside content that makes me laugh, not my own attempts at humor.

When this blog began in February, I posted on average four times a week and stepped that up considerably in March. The aforementioned vanishing posts accounted in part for the drop-off after that, thanks to both the time it took to deal with the issue and the discouragement wrought by the affair, not to mention our lousy cable connection. Also coming into play were plans for another, comics-specific blog and related work on two projects: One is a possible revival of my magazine, Comicology, still in the very early planning stages; the other, a multi-pronged endeavor, I hope to announce shortly. They've taken time and focus away not only from updating this blog but from reading other folks' blogs, an enjoyable pursuit that, when curtailed, inevitably leads to fewer quick, link-oriented posts back on this blog.

My thanks to everyone who's read, commented on, or written privately about Blam's Blog so far... I know it's just a tiny, tiny, tiny little corner of the Internet, but it's mine.

Here's to tomorrow.

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Arben said...

All good choices, Blam. I think the Ric Estrada obit should've been on there, but you know I'm partial to anything about the '70s. Good luck with the upcoming projects.