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'Love of Chair' title over scene of young man in baseball cap sitting on a chair in a small room

A few years ago I was thrilled to find a DVD compilation of childhood favorite The Electric Company. I've since bequeathed it to my sister's kids, but a check of Amazon confirms that it was called The Best of the Best of 'The Electric Company'; a pair of 3-disc The Best of... sets also exist, along with a retrospective called The Electric Company's Greatest Hits & Bits, which I just added to my Amazon Wish List.

I have very fond memories of the show, from Rita Moreno's familiar shout to The Adventures of Letterman to Skip Hinnant in Fargo North, Decoder, to Morgan Freeman as Easy Reader to, of course, the strangely silent Spider-Man (more on that another time). What surprised me when I popped in the the DVD was how much I didn't remember, including the delightfully absurd soap-opera parody Love of Chair. YouTube has the very first episode up, albeit bootlegged; just when you think it's played out about two-thirds of the way through, it ends with a couple of laugh-out-loud moments. Some interesting but spoilery info from the segment's Wikipedia page follows in this post's comments section.

Screencap © 1971 Children's Television Workshop.


Blam said...

I didn't want to bring this up in the post because you really had to hear "What about Naomi?" out of the blue in the video, but... It turns out that the mysterious Naomi was named for Naomi Foner, a producer on the series who went on to become an Oscar-nominated screenwriter as well as the mother of actors Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Arben said...
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El Qué said...

I wish I'd been old enough (sorry, guys) to watch the original, but I only saw any of it thanks to Blam. Hey, guy! More blogging, please! PS: My verification word is "glormoog"!!!