Sounds Funny

The CMT Music Awards show last week opened with a laugh-out-loud — or at least grin-really-wide — collaboration between Taylor Swift and T-Pain (who even talks in vocoder) called "Thug Story".

If you have any idea who Swift is, it's worth a look; even better if you catch the references to not just her hit song "Love Story" but T-Pain's appearance in the SNL Digital Short "I'm on a Boat" with Andy Samberg.

Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer create those digital shorts and other material together as The Lonely Island, whose first album, Incredibad, was released in February. You probably know them from the infamous "Dick in a Box" and the laugh-out-loud — or at least... no, wait, it's laugh-out loudNatalie Portman rap. CMT's blog has a behind-the-scenes entry on the genesis of "Thug Story"; the full opening of the Music Awards show is also online, including Taylor Swift's surprise scene in the Star Trek movie.


Benny said...

Bahaha!!! High-larious... thanks for putting this up.

"You're out clubbing? Buh I just made caramel delite."

El Qué said...

"I'm a member of... MySpace! Do you do MySpace?" LOL!

Blam said...

De nada, Benny. I didn't actually see the show, just got tipped off to the video by a friend. The link to the whole opening was a last-minute addition, after looking for an URL that went directly to CMT, but the Star Trek bit might be just as funny as the video.