Lost Links and Laughs

The Lost
season finale airs tonight, leaving us bereft of new episodes for the next 8 months.

Cover to the upcoming 5th-season edition of Finding 'Lost' from ECW Press

I like Nikki Stafford's idea of watching the whole series to date again before the final season begins in early 201o, and discussing it episode by episode over at her blog, Nik at Nite. We'll even have the 5th-season edition of Finding 'Lost', now available for pre-order from Amazon and elsewhere, in our hands by the time we revisit this past year. But I'm reminded of an exchange between young Daniel Faraday and his mother, Eloise, in a recent episode: When Daniel is told that there's no time for such pursuits as the piano, he says that he can "make time" — to which Eloise knowingly replies, "If only you could." I remember my dad telling me that there should be an extra day of the week which by Constitutional (if not cosmic) decree must be devoted to all those hobbies and projects that never seem to get the attention they deserve. Sign me up for that!

Meanwhile, if
you have time before the Lost finale or are suffering withdrawal the day after, here are some fun links to check out.

Albert L. Ortega photo of Nestor Carbonell for PR Photos © 2007

With the strange and somewhat disappointing behavior of Richard Alpert in last week's Lost, I decided to revisit a Nik at Nite thread from a few months back for a pick-me-up. It was devoted to haiku on Alpert — and the charismatic actor who plays him, Nestor Carbonell, late of the Jimmy Smits series Cane, even later of the live-action version of The Tick (as Batmañuel), and frequently (but apparently falsely) accused of using mascara and eyeliner. [Mmm... REM's "Crush with Eyeliner". Great straight-up rock song.]

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry more contagious than the swine flu. There are further nuances and themes in its original practice, but in English it's basically three lines of five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables, as lovely, pithy, or tongue-in-cheek profound as you can make them, depending on the mood and purpose.

Example for you:
That line was five, this seven.
And this one is five.

You can keep each line a phrase or sentence unto itself, or wrap 'em around from one line to the next. The first two haiku below are from frequent Nik at Nite poster Batcabbage, the rest are mine; no offense to everyone else's entries — again, check them out — but I didn't have time to ask for permission to reprint anything here, and don't think Batcabbage will mind.

Can't kill your father?

Here's a file. Let James do it.


Not the knife, damn it!

Wrong, you silly little boy.

Pick the book. The book!

older than you think

I always look the same (well

grew my hair out once)

Come closer, closer.

Want to know a secret, John?

My name is Nestor.

Where did I come from?

If you really must know, I'm

The Fifth Cylon. Psyche!

Hurley the action figure as seen in the Fine Bros. parodies

I took a look at ABC's own
'Lost' Untangled once and found it a ridiculous waste of time; just tried to try it again, but the viewer froze up, so we'll stick with that assessment. However, Nik at Nite turned me on to a much more amusing (unofficial) action-figure series created by Benny & Rafi Fine. Other "franchise" characters appear either randomly (The Joker) or... otherwise (Claire from Heroes is used because they have no figure of Emilie De Ravin, Claire from Lost). While I haven't seen them all yet, and there may be some internal continuity, you can start with any installment; I just watched the latest three, involving Star Trek, the Yankees, and Batman, in reverse order of production and it didn't really matter. But I hereby warn you that pretty much none of the voices remotely match the characters — frustrating at first, although it makes the dead-on Hurley that much funnier. And no pun intended there, but also be forewarned that (perhaps in a nod to Kenny on South Park) Hurley always dies.

Glenn Harris photo of Emilie De Ravin for Photorazzi © 2004

Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on the real
Lost, has a blog called Dispatches from the Island that's always worth a look. He's given us behind-the-scenes glimpses at things like the cake made to celebrate the series' 100th episode (crafted with insane detail by the people behind the Food Network series Ace of Cakes), a sneak peek at Hurley's Dharma jumpsuit, and the Star Trek movie premiere. I don't check it out as often as I'd like (which puts it in good company with a couple dozen other blogs at least) but the posts are usually so short and sweet there's almost no excuse. One post in its entirety: "Here's a picture from a talk show I did in Munich." Photo. "[The] main difference between German talk shows and Spanish ones? No ant puppets." It's a quintessential old-school weblog, compulsively clickable.

Celebratory cake with close-up of Hurley figure from Jorge Garcia's blog

Finally, we'll close on something sent by my pal and sometime writing/researching partner Rafael Benjamin, who freely confesses to next to zero experience with his "twelve-rungs-below-Photoshop image-editing software". Until recently Radzinsky was just a name heard in a flashback of Desmond's; he was assigned or confined to the Swan station, known colloquially as the Hatch, and went nuts. With half of our cast time-traveled back to 1970s, we've now met him in the flesh. So Raf mocked up the title card for a Lost spinoff set during the time the guy was banished to button-pushing detail, a little something he calls...

Creative if admittedly clumsy spec art for 'Zinsky & Hatch from my friend Rafael Benjamin

Apparently, this is either such a terrible pun or so just plain ugly that Blogger and/or the invisible hand of the universe keeps knocking my entire post down every time it's put up; of course, if you're actually reading these words, then they don't need to be here, but what's a little paradox between...


El Qué said...

I'd say "just plain ugly" but it's a tough choice (sorry, Raf). Now Blam: Why the photo of Ms. De Ravin?

Blam said...

'Cause she's purty!

Arben said...

I'll second that, Blam. And no offense taken, Lisa; give me a good old pencil any day.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Hahaha... Love 'Zinsky and Hatch :)

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Thanks for the kudos Blam. I always enjoy your comments as well. My sister likes Lost, but she'd rather just pass her wisdom along to me occasionally rather than post on a regular basis :) She's not a big computer person. So I have fun passing her thoughts along.