I don't know what happened. Maybe it was an early ripple of some prank played because of today's date. Perhaps the universe is telling me not to adapt and update a 4,000-word article on a frickin' blog. Or I just screwed something up my own dang self. I only know that it frustrated the hell out of me, enough to keep me from trying to post anything for a while.

Yes, folks, the metaphorical dog of the universe ate my homework — even homework I'd already turned in. Blogger, or the Internet, or some dimensional rift in cyberspace swallowed whole the more recent installments of my look at DC Comics' gorilla covers as I was fixing typos on earlier chapters and proofing the last one. I have copies on my hard drive, of course, but pasting in the composition window still requires workarounds because of my Mac, or my browser, or something. And this blog isn't supposed to be work; it's a creative release and an exercise to develop my concentration and writing muscles again.

I started trying to explain what might have happened, but that just makes me want to drop the laptop and meditate or go watch television. So I hope you enjoy the cover gallery that I've posted 
[which finally stuck in 2001], and look forward to, um, saner blogging after some distance from this fiasco. 

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