Forgive Me, Earth!

Cover to Concrete Celebrates Earth Day 1990 © 1990 Paul Chadwick.

How did I celebrate Earth Day?

I left my reusable bag at home, and at the supermarket my glass bottles got double-plastic-bagged. All while I was driving my grandparents' huge Grand Marquis.

But as usual I reused a paper bag at the comics shop. I do that with each one until it's in tatters and then put it in with the paper recycling; sometimes I even forego the bag and just stuff the stack in my backpack or satchel, but I usually like the illusion of whatever protection the bag affords.

Earth Day, like everything else, brings some comics to mind.

The only one that actually has anything to do with Earth Day is Concrete Celebrates Earth Day 1990. Paul Chadwick's Concrete was one of my favorite projects at the time, and this eclectic special also featured a silent story created by the legendary Jean "Moebius" Giraud and a series of Charles Vess illustrations with quotations from Thoreau. I was reviewing comics for my college newspaper at the time, and my mention of this issue got a really nice response.

Dark Horse issued a comprehensive series of Concrete collections with lovely unifying trade dress a few years ago. Some books have never-before-reprinted stories and artwork. You can preview them at the Dark Horse website and, even better, get some of them at 60% off the $12.95 list price at the Nick and Dent sale going on now at Things from Another World.

Covers to Concrete Vol. I: Depths and Vol. II: Heights © 2005 Paul Chadwick.
All scans from Dark Horse website.

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