I still don't know whether my 50 or so posts were erased by an accidental quirk in Blogger's servers or software, intentional tampering by a deranged individual, or what. Sigh...

Past entries are being re-entered, and this time I'm saving the HTML for each one, too, so that I can throw them right back up if this happens again, but I'm also hoping to switch hosts soon. (Extra weird? All of a sudden, today, I can finally paste text into the regular Compose window.)

The Blogger Help Group has a page titled "My Blog Is Gone" whose first sentence is, "We're hearing that cry of dismay a lot recently." Yeesh! My blog isn't actually gone, but I'm not exactly reassured by reading that, nor by seeing accounts of hijacked blogs in the Help Forums. I'm not saying that this was malevolent, but since my password is entirely nonsense Blogger either needs better security, more failsafes against scientific progress going boink, or both.

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Arben said...

Am I gonna have to leave my comments over again? What if I can't remember what I said? What if the world is better off that way?