Thinking Pink

I hope this goes up. I'm having trouble saving again, and after the problem with the whole gorilla thing it could well vanish, but I want to end March of Comics 2009 on a bright note.

A few weeks ago I mentioned in passing the cache of comic books kept at my grandparents' condo in Florida. While a Superman cover unsurprisingly brought memories of it to mind, my sister and I had a variety of stuff there, from Marvel Classics Comics to Huey, Dewie and Louie to The Pink Panther.

I wouldn't swear with 100% certainty that the cover atop this post matches one of ours, but I'm pretty sure that it was in the mix. You can see from the GCD's cover gallery of the Gold Key Pink Panther series, or just from the examples surrounding this paragraph, that it's hard to pinpoint a particular issue by cover unless the memory is very vivid. Doesn't that page look like a great wall of pop art, though?

A Warner Bros. animator who had worked on the Looney Tunes shorts, Friz Freleng, directed the animated opening and closing sequences to the first Pink Panther film. Peter Sellers' brilliant rendition of Inspector Clouseau spawned a series of live-action films, of course, and Freleng's enthralling work led to a series of animated shorts and then comic books, merchandising, etc. featuring the animated icon. Henry Mancini's memorable theme was delicious icing on the cake, and I highly recommend Bobby McFerrin's rendition.

I have no idea how to wrap this up without it seeming anticlimactic, so I'll just say thanks to those of you who checked out this year's March of Comics. Don't hold your breath for another one, because even if I go for it that's a whole year away and you'd, like, pass out.

Covers to The Pink Panther #23, #24, #30, #33, & #34 courtesy The Grand Comics Database and © 1975, 1976 Mirisch-Geoffrey. The Pink Panther is a registered trademark of United Artists.

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