Funny vs. Money

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I don't have a DVR [yet], but if I did I'd probably keep Monday's Colbert Report on hand for when I needed a cathartic laugh. Stephen Colbert's sit-down with Wyoming's at-large Representative was a choking hazard. The link I had pasted in here yesterday isn't working now, which appears to be due to site restructuring, but the clip is really worth checking out when available.

The Daily Show that night was a great example of Jon Stewart and his writers at the top of their game too, if not as wall-to-wall hysterical as the above. Stewart's rant at CNBC and Jim Cramer in particular is the best excerpt. If you like that, move on to his take on UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown's state visit with President Obama. Or you can just watch the whole megillah.

I only knew Cramer by reputation – the shouting guy with red buttons — or an occasional channel-surf past CNBC before he started popping up on other shows thanks to the Wall Street hoo-hah. The ranting is his schtick on Mad Money, but as a guest on other newscasts I've seen him more even-tempered and on The Colbert Report he's a good sport. The thing is, Stewart loves to catch anybody shoveling manure or covering their rear, the more indignantly the better, and he apparently caught Cramer.

Visiting the Daily Show website for the above links just revealed that Cramer is scheduled to be on the show tonight, Thursday, March 12th. CNBC's own website is carrying an unsympathetic article about the event from The Associated Press. So if you have the time I recommend catching up on their feud via its compilation page on Comedy Central's site and then tuning in at 11 p.m. — or 1:30 a.m., or 10 a.m., 2 p.m., or 8 p.m. Friday. [Update: The unedited version of Stewart's interview with Cramer is now online.]

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