Hi. I'm Blam. Welcome to my blog.

I still haven't solved the problems mentioned in my first post, but I'd like to begin rolling out more content, so it's time for a proper introduction.

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The name "Blam"? I was signing my art "B. Lamken" way back in 7th grade when a friend took to calling me "Blamken". It caught on big (even with teachers), sticking through college and beyond, finally getting shorted to just "Blam". No similarity to the sound effect made by guns and bombs in comics intended nor implied. You can totally call me "Brian" or even "Mr. Lamken" if you prefer.

Folks who know me probably figure that this blog will be in large part about comic books. I've been fascinated with them from my earliest memories. I started writing about them for actual money in college, via the venerable Comics Buyer's Guide at first and then a variety of sources. After college I worked at Fat Jack's Comicrypt — one among many great comic-book stores in the Philadelphia area — on the sales floor, in the office, and editing the weekly store newsletter. During and since that time I've freelanced as a writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer; published and participated in a handful of books; served as a judge on the selection committee for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards; and produced the acclaimed but too short-lived magazine Comicology, no relation to any of the websites with similar titles that have cropped up since its unfortunate hiatus (on which more another time). Nearly three decades of comic-book collecting came to a halt several years ago when poor health drained my financial resources, but I've recently, tentatively re-engaged with that world.

So I will indeed be writing about comics, but also about other elements of pop culture. As someone who loves wordplay (perhaps too much) I've devised the sections that you'll notice as the blog grows, including Screen Savor, my umbrella title for thoughts on movies and television; Rounds of the Night Table, a look at what I'm reading; and Siteseeing, the ever-popular links to fun stuff on the Web. No doubt it's all going to take a while, due to the health issues that have kept me away from writing for so long, but apparently blogs are nothing if not places to announce grand plans.

If you're visiting from the future and looking for the beginning to progress methodically on through to the latest posts, congratulations. The sidebar contains a search box and will host a chronological list of posts as well as, I hope, a spotlight on particular favorites down the road.

And there you have it. Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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