Isle of Lost

Or, homonymically: I love Lost.

And I'm not alone. Even though the show has seen its ratings drop considerably over the last few years, the die-hard fans are more committed than Hurley (yes, that's a mental-hospital pun). You can still find viewers like my mother, who watch purely for the wild television entertainment week after week — when they're not waiting month after month, ever since Lost switched over to a no-repeat season that runs from January to May, going dark the rest of the year. You'll also find viewers who suffuse cyberspace, reading and often participating in discussions that dissect and speculate upon every nuance of each episode, the DVD extras, pronouncements from Lost's producers to journalists and Comic-Con crowds, interactive multimedia games, and more. You might even find viewers like me, who are somewhere in-between.

The Internet is a big place, as vast as it is virtual. For a long time, including during the first few seasons of Lost, I didn't have regular access to it; I just watched Lost on TV. During the gap between the first and second halves of Season 3, however, I picked up Nikki Stafford's Finding 'Lost' — a captivating read even though it "only" covered the previous two seasons — and once I plowed through her next book, covering said third season, I knew that when I could I'd be visiting Nikki's blog, Nik at Nite.

Now that I'm zipping along the Web as often as our spotty wi-fi lets me, I can confirm that if one isn't reasonably disciplined one could spend not just hours but probably days on Lostpedia alone, never mind the jungle of other blogs and fansites. Should you be interested in sharing theories with other Lost watchers and prefer, like me, to have a home base, I recommend Nikki's blog for the witty and engaging episode recaps that she posts each Wednesday night and the tantalizing discussions which ensue (and in addition to those for Season 5, which is only a month old, you'll find all her posts on Season 4, which should encourage you to pick up her books). When there's a notable video created by fans or the producers — like this one from last summer's San Diego Comic-Con featuring the Dharma scientist sometimes known as Marvin Candle — or a particularly insightful article somewhere else, you can rest assured someone will offer the link. Okay, I follow geek journalist Jeff Jensen's top-notch analysis and speculation at Entertainment Weekly's Totally 'Lost' hub, too, but that's it, promise.

Hopefully, I'll post my thoughts about this season to date right here in the near future, but I didn't want to wait any longer before giving a shout-out to one of my favorite new diversions (even though, ironically, thanks to a bad Internet connection this is the first week I haven't posted at Nik at Nite since the season began, the same reason this dispatch is getting cut short). For those of us who have found Lost and stayed with it, things are really heating up, and it's great being able to chew on it with friends old or new.

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