Party On, Qarth!

A Song of Ice and Fire elements TM George R.R. Martin. The Rocky Horror Picture Show elements TM and © 1975 Twentieth Century Fox. Parody elements © 2013 Brian Saner Lamken.
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Arben said...

Khal-a khal-a khal khaleesi / I got a big army
Fool me school me and rule me / With your dragons in flight

Arben said...

I'm not sure if you're planning on posting the "Possessin' Bran" one here, Blam, but I keep looking at it on Tumblr and getting freaked out. The way you blurred it makes it look all 3D somehow, and with than on top of the white eyes it's creepy as F---. So nice job, again.

Blam said...

I appreciate the kind words as always. Nice lyrics yourself.

You've probably seen that I put Bran up here after all; I wasn't going to, but some other posts aren't done and I got tired of seeing this post first thing.

The blurring started out as an accident as the photo of Bran was much larger than the cereal box and I wanted them to merge better. Once I started monkeying around a little with the sharpness this eerie look started coming into focus, if you will, so I went with it.

Arben said...