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I was finally successful this year in not writing about the Oscars before or after the telecast. The bad news is that this wasn't due purely to willpower; I've been sitting on this post for a while with the aim of running it on, as they say, Movies' Biggest Night, but I couldn't.

Sometime last year I came up with a couple of the following lines and realized that the concept would make a fun hashtag game. What you do is take a reasonably well-known quote from books or films and substitute one or two words with food. I'm very rarely on Twitter anymore, though, so I ended up just brainstorming a bit and setting the list aside to run on the blog as my...

Top Twenty Supermarket Lines of Dialogue

20. "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my cold cuts."

19. "Nobody puts baked beans in a corner."

18. "Take your stinking pasta off me, you damn dirty apes!"

17. "It was the best of thymes, it was the worst of thymes."

16. "Open the pad thai doors, HAL."

15. "There's no cayenne in baseball!"

14. "Oh, Stewardess… I speak chives."

13. "You've got meat? Who's got juice?"

Dive's the Bomb

Lake Street Dive is my new jam. All of it. I've been listening to everything that the band has done in anticipation of today's release of their latest album, Bad Self-Portraits.

cover to Lake Street Dive album 'Bad Self-Portraits' — members posing stiffly in a drawing room, with B&W photos of them posing goofily in closeup framed on mantle

The quartet, whose members met at Boston's New England Conservatory of Music, consists of Rachael Price (lead vocals), Mike "McDuck" Olson (guitar, trumpet, backing vocals), Bridget Kearney (acoustic bass, backing vocals), and Mike Calabrese (drums, backing vocals).

Yesterday and Today

High crane shot of The Beatles on set of 'The Ed Sullivan Show' with full stage and cameras in view
Photo © 1964 SOFA Entertainment.

I'm a little surprised at how emotional I got watching the Beatles tribute earlier tonight.

And I shouldn't be. Surprised, I mean, because I am a very easy mark when it comes to that sort of thing. Nostalgia is practically my religion.

CBS aired The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles at 8 p.m. ET — 50 years to the hour from The Beatles' first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was taped a couple weeks ago, on the day after this year's live Grammy Awards telecast, which is why there were so many stars on hand who might otherwise have been working elsewhere and why Pharrell was wearing that hat.

Talking the Walk

Of all the striking details in March Book One — and there are more than a few — the one that I keep coming back to is this: As a boy, John Lewis would preach to his family's chickens.

title; protesters with signs; John Lewis and others at a lunch counter

Lewis, a keynote speaker at the March on Washington in 1963 and since 1986 the United States Representative for Georgia's Fifth District, is a great storyteller.
March is a great story.

You Wanna Be
Kickstartin' Something

Short version of this post: The Kickstarter campaign for Dean Trippe's Something Terrible has one week left. Go pledge and be a part of it!

Profile of downcast boy inside silhouette of Batman's cowl

I'm upset that I neglected to include Terrible on my entry in Forces of Geek's
Best of 2013 survey, especially because I first learned of the book from old pal and FOG grand poobah Stefan Blitz. Trippe has created a heartfelt, inspiring, beautifully executed work drawn (quite literally) from his experiences of childhood sexual abuse. Dark as the short, 14-page story is — about kids, for anyone who has ever been a kid, but not for kids themselves — it brightens as Trippe finds strength in Batman and other fictional heroes, unfolding mostly in sharp, haunting two-color panels.

Hyper Space

I was thinking recently about my school library in 3rd grade.

Not sure why. It might've been because of the recent news reports on libraries
without books — without physical books, anyway; rather, they're community spaces with computers where users can surf the Internet and check out E-books. Something, maybe those reports, got me remembering how I'd settle down in the stacks in front of the encyclopedias and basically use the references in the article at hand the way we use hyperlinks online today.

I have a bunch of great memories, general and specific, of libraries. Most readers do, I'd wager. I've shared some on the blog before, including memories of this particular library — nestled in a post on the TV series Supernatural — about my favorite aisle. What brought me to that aisle was books on Greek and Roman mythology, a subject about which I read voraciously and to an almost literally exhausting degree; based on periodic scans of various library and bookstore shelves, I may well have gone through every relevant volume in print at the time. Some books were, from my youthful perspective at least, stuffier than others, a category in which I preferred Edith Hamilton's Mythology to Bulfinch's. There were plenty of slim paperbacks and large, illustrated tomes aimed more directly at my age, too, with D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths atop the heap of the latter.

Now Hear This

;Happy New Ear' / Still of Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers in 'The Bionic Woman' smiling with her hand up to her right, bionic ear / 'May 2014 find you better, faster, and stronger'
The Bionic Woman photo © 1976 Universal Television. Text © 2013 Brian Saner Lamken.
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Some Days You Just Can't
Get Rid of a Photobomb

Burt Ward and Adam West posing as Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne on their Batpoles in Wayne Manor library secret access to Batcave, in black-and-white photo, with Miley Cyrus from 'Wrecking Ball' video pasted in licking one of the poles below them
Photos and characters are the intellectual property of respective
rights holders. Mash-up: Brian Saner Lamken for

They're Magically Suspicious

Loki Charms / Photo of Tom Hiddleston as Loki behind bowl of cereal on mocked-up cover to box of cereal of General Mills' 'Bifrosted Loki Charms': 'Oat cereal plus delicious chunks of the Rainbow Bridge!' 'Marvel Limited Edition' title=

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Update: Comics-art "variant" covers have been added over at Blamarama.
Here's a thumbnail sneak peak:

Here Am I Sitting in a Tin Can,
Far Above the World

Gravity was spectacular.

I saw the film two weeks ago, and whenever it's brought to mind by something I'm reading or a conversation I'm having I still feel an echo of the absolute sense of wonder I experienced in the theater.

Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock as a civilian mission specialist sent up to work on the Hubble Space Telescope and George Clooney as the veteran commander of her shuttle, demands to be seen not only on as big a screen as possible but in 3D. If you've heard me talk (or read me write) about 3D, you know that I rarely recommend it.

... Marks the Spot

Chris Claremont Bingo / angst; 'Magick(s)'; noble villain; Scott loses visor/glasses; 'Bub'; 'Tovarisch'; 'yah'; 'Sugah'; wordsmush precioustalk; angst; 'I hope -- I pray'; angst; X (free space) [middle]; 'most secret self'; time-tossed character' 'best there is'; 'Her power is a song within her'; angst; 'ultimate expression'; *snikt*; 'nigh-invulnerable'; aviation specs; 'Mein Freund'; angst; fastball special

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'Fore and Daft

John Oliver wasn't the only member of Comedy Central's late-night team giving
us process wonks a peek behind the curtain in the past couple of weeks. Stephen Colbert was interviewed by Paul Mercurio, who does warm-up for The Colbert Report, over nearly an hour on a variety of topics — but mostly about the Daft Punk fiasco. You can listen to the podcast free.

Stephen Colbert at the desk
Screencap © 2013 Comedy Partners and Busboy Productions.

Daft Punk was scheduled to be on Colbert's show earlier this month but bowed out,
or was yanked, over misunderstandings and Viacom internal politics due to the mysterious French faux-robots' upcoming special appearance at last weekend's MTV Video Music Awards telecast.

Colbert devoted the episode on which they would have appeared to a slightly
fictional account of what happened along with a truly bizarre all-star video set to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" (featuring Bryan Cranston, Jeff Bridges, the Rockettes, Stephen's animated alter ego Tek Jansen, Henry f---ing Kissinger...) and a last-minute performance by Robin Thicke doing his song of the summer "Blurred Lines".

Ruby-Shoes Day

A young girl in braids wearing a Wizards baseball uniform, her ruby shoes sparkling as she takes off from third base and says 'There's NO place like HOME!'
Panel © 2013 Brian Saner Lamken.

I draw very seldom anymore, but when E asked if I'd render a legitimately funny idea for a cartoon she had I couldn't say no.

Oliver & Company

Jon Stewart will return to The Daily Show next week following a summer sabbatical. He was in the Middle East directing a film called Rosewater. For the eight weeks out of twelve after Stewart's departure that The Daily Show was not on hiatus, writer/performer John Oliver stepped in to host in his stead.

John Oliver at the desk
Screencap © 2013 Comedy Partners and Busboy Productions.

If you don't already know that, you may not be interested in the Hulu video I'm sharing of John Oliver's appearance on Charlie Rose from Monday, Aug. 8th, just as John-with-an-h was starting his final week as Jon-without's substitute.

Nothing Special

If you're disappointed in, or simply growing numb to, this summer's would-be blockbusters — The Lone Ranger, World War Z, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim — I have the solution: Joss Whedon's adaptation of Much Ado about Nothing.

Poster for 2012's 'Much Ado about Nothing'

You may be skeptical of a film that can be promoted as "from the director of The Avengers and based on the play by William Shakespeare" but Whedon's Much Ado is just that. And it's a delight.

Kent Explain

How did I like Man of Steel?

The answer is... complicated. I'll be taking part in a roundtable discussion for Forces of Geek this week, helping me further hone my thoughts for a proper review. What follows now is bereft of spoilers.

Superman in flight
Image from Man of Steel © 2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment. Superman ® DC Comics.

I went into the 12:01 a.m. screening last Thursday night with hope but very tempered excitement. So many movies are getting made from comics these days that I'm often asked how this or that compares to the source material — and even more often asked plainly if I enjoyed it, with my perspective of having liked and/or simply knowing about the comics implied.

Warg This Way

Kellogg's Possessin' Bran cereal box / Bran Stark from HBO's 'Game of Thrones' on a mocked-up Raisin Bran box with his eyes white as if using his warg powers of possession
Game of Thrones photo © 2013 Home Box Office.
Bran Stark
TM George R.R. Martin. Kellogg’s logo ® and
Raisin Bran packaging © 2013 The Kellogg Company.
Possessin’ Bran parody © 2013 Brian Saner Lamken.
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Party On, Qarth!

A Song of Ice and Fire elements TM George R.R. Martin. The Rocky Horror Picture Show elements TM and © 1975 Twentieth Century Fox. Parody elements © 2013 Brian Saner Lamken.
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Siteseeing: Quick Hits

Here we go with a good old link-blogging post for the first time in too long.

screencap from Audi commercial of Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy [© 2013 Audi of America]

I know it's been making the rounds at, uh, warp speed the past few days, but Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy in Audi's "The Challenge" has at least one moment too priceless not to keep sharing. Note: It is a commercial, so if you have a hard policy against watching such things there's your warning. [2:44; via lots of folks]

The Man in the Iron Mask

I found Iron Man 3 a fine kickoff to what Marvel Studios is calling Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Phase One having culminated in the assemblage of nearly every superhero thus far introduced to the MCU in 2012's The Avengers.

Cracked Iron Man helmet
Photo © 2013 and elements TM Marvel.

Given that it builds on what's come before, in terms of the audience's familiarity with the characters and their milieu, Iron Man 3 isn't the best entry point to the series. If you've seen and enjoyed the previous installments, however, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark in particular, you'll enjoy this one.

Fett Peeve

I'd hoped to have a different post up here for what has become the annual observance of Star Wars Day — May the 4th (as in, "... be with you"). That ain't happenin', so you get an enhanced repeat instead.

Boba Fett
Boba Fett ® and image © year of creation Lucasfilm Ltd.

My younger friends think Boba Fett's a chump for dying (or not) in the Sarlacc pit. And I get that much of the mystery around Fett was ruined by seeing him as a kid in the prequels; same with Darth Vader, frankly. To my generation, though, the prequels aren't real Star Wars and Return of the Jedi barely counts itself. When all we knew of Boba Fett was what you see in the photo above, faithfully reproduced in a kick-ass 12" Kenner action figure, I promise you: Boba Fett was awesome.

Xaro Xhoan Daxos Is a Jerk!

Kitty Pryde, with Lockheed the Dragon, says, Don't Let the Brown Hair Fool You — Of Course I'm a F---ing Targaryen
Pencils & Inks: Paul Smith. Colors: Christina Strain. Art from 
cover to X-Men: Kitty Pryde — Shadow & Flame #1 © 2005 Marvel 
Characters. Kitty Pryde and Lockheed TM Marvel Characters. 
Targaryens created by and name TM George R.R. Martin. Kitty 
Pryde created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. Lockheed 
created by Claremont and Smith. Text © 2013 Brian Saner Lamken.
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